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What is the continent in real estate insurance?


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At the time of buying insurance for you housing, you must know that it has two types of valuation, that of continent and the valuation of content, in the next article we want to speak precisely of the valuation of content, what is exactly and everything related To this so that there is no doubt what this is about. To make it very clear what is the continent in a real estate insurance you must think of a house without any furniture, as if it were newly built and unfurnished, ie a completely empty house, only with its bases, floor , walls, windows, pipes, electrical system, ceiling and everything that makes up a house without objects inside, while the content refers precisely to that, to all the furniture that is inside the property.

Within the continent also include swimming pools, gardens, trees and other plants, wallpaper, carpets, toilets, decorative elements that are fixed to the house such as statues, fountains, among others, also television antennas, system Alarm and telephone wiring are also part of the continent.

If you own the property, you will be able to purchase insurance that covers the damage that the continent of the property can suffer, as well as the content, while if you only inhabit a house where you pay rent and that is not your property, you can only purchase a Insurance for the content of the property, except for some cases, as for example, that some reform of the continent of the house you made yourself with your money.

In short, the continent in a real estate insurance is the whole structure of a house, in which also includes all the fixed elements to the premises of the building. To conclude, it is worth mentioning that always before acquiring any kind of insurance, read carefully each of the conditions of the policy to avoid surprises and misunderstandings.

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