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Safe for high-value objects


04.11.2017 a las 22:55 hs 2 4 0

It is well known to all that no one is exempt from accidents, losses, and any other unfortunate event, that is why it is never more to possess insurance which can support both your health and your property and other material goods, and if you possess objects of great Value, it also becomes much more necessary and urgent to secure it to receive compensation. It should be noted that when mentioning the high value of an object refers to its monetary value, without taking into account the subjective and sentimental value that the owner can give to a particular article, moreover, some objects of an enormous monetary value are not Covered by insurance, although it depends on the conditions of the insurance policy that are established, therefore it is necessary to clarify any doubt and read the policy carefully

Within the objects or items of high value you will find jewels such as watches, earrings, necklaces, rings and others, gemstones, paintings, works of art, musical instruments, antiques, silverware, among others. If you want to secure these objects, you can always include them within the insurance of the contents of your property, or on the contrary, purchase special insurance for high-value objects.

To avoid the total loss of your valuables, the insurance company offers you to replace the object with an equivalent one that you have lost, or give you a monetary compensation equal to the value that your item had at the time of the accident, in the same way , it is of utmost importance that you keep yourself well informed about each of the clauses and conditions set out in the insurance policy.

It should be noted that if you have a classic vehicle or has a certain antiquity, be it a car or motorcycle, you can find specific insurance for the coverage of above.

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