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Old House Insurance


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It is normal that any homeowner wants to secure their property in order to avoid huge losses of incalculable money and debts, however, if it is a house with some antiquity, insurance companies demand a series of requirements that the Homeowner must meet to be able to purchase insurance for their old home. However, it should be noted that in many cases the insurance companies do not dare to take the risk of accepting to secure an old property, so they are categorically reluctant to accept a deal of this type, because it is a great risk to ensure this type of property , because its antiquity makes them more likely to suffer problems and breakdowns either in electrical wiring, water pipes, gas pipes, and even in the housing structure.

In certain case the insurance company accepts to secure your old property, before closing the deal, the insurer will conduct a detailed study of the house in order to find any damage and make sure that the property complies with the minimum standards of Security, if so, will proceed to close the deal and you can have your old house completely secured, otherwise your application will be rejected directly.

Among some of the conditions that the insurance companies require to access securing an old house or property is that the pipes and the wiring, as well as the structure of the House are in optimal conditions, also that the property is located in A safe, risk-free zone.

It is important that every property has a compulsory liability insurance that covers the damage caused by our property to third parties, either to a person, material property or other property. With the insurance of old houses you can have coverage for the contents of the property, as well as the continent, as long as you comply with the conditions established by the insurance policy.

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