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What is an Integral automotive insurance?


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What is an Integral automotive insurance?

Insurance is a contract by which a person is obliged to compensate for losses or damages that occur in the things that are at risk. As we can see, the person who is obligated can be: natural or legal person to replace the damage caused by any kind of loss, in this specific case we will refer to the comprehensive insurance of a car, which must meet certain Features to apply.

As for the coverage we have:

The wide coverage, compensates the partial or total losses of the insured vehicle, occurring within the national territory, by repairing, rebuilding or paying the value of the vehicle at the time of the accident.

Daily indemnity coverage for theft, robbery, assault and/or theft of the vehicle. In some cases, there is the figure of the substitute vehicle, which is when the company in case of partial loss for damage or partial loss by theft, the insurance company lends a vehicle for a maximum of ten days, so that in this period of time the company makes the s repairs are necessary for the customer to be satisfied, when it is a total loss for damages or total loss for theft The insurance company provides a vehicle for a maximum of twenty-one days, sufficient time for the expert and/or the insurance broker Present the report to the management on the sinister to proceed to make the respective payment.

This type of insurance is ample because it covers not only the incidents or collisions between vehicles, but also protects the vehicle from other types of damage not caused by a collision, such as tremors, earthquakes, landslides, storms, fires, vandalism, Falling objects, floods, personal accident protections, civil liability to third parties, general responsibility to the family, transit procedures and legal assistance in criminal and civil proceedings. It is clear that comprehensive coverage will cover the damage of the vehicle by protecting the customer as the vehicle's comprehensive insurance protects these unexpected damages.

Insurance companies offer discounts and flexible payments in order to get the coverage you need.

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