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Considerations for choosing health Insurance


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Considerations for choosing health Insurance

If you are considering the need to acquire a health insurance policy, we confirm that there are many reasons why you should not spare any effort that will result in your own benefit and health protection for your family and that at the time of an emergency m Inimizaría the risks arising from a lack of timely attention, would avoid the long waiting lists in the case of tests, diagnostic tests or surgical interventions and if it merits hospitalization has a room comfortable and with the privacy that You and your family deserve it.

We encourage you to do so, because every day we are exposed to an accident or illness that would affect your tranquility and quality of life and it depends many things, seen in this way, health insurance is a great ally to adversity. Consequently, we present some considerations that you might take into account, which are:

It determines both the cost of insurance as well as the services it can provide, some people think that when it comes to private assistance the insurance must cover everything, it should be noted that when using the service some companies have a monthly cost While others apply it every time the service is used. In this sense it is essential to opt for insurance that does not exceed its ability to pay. It investigates both the limitations of insurance and the services it can provide in order to make conscious decisions.

Know the period of lack this refers to the non-coverage of some risks normally covered by the policy (in the initial phase of the contract, mostly for a period of 45 days), measured by the company in order to avoid in some cases to be victims of Frau As some people may have pre-existing pathology and/or the need for a surgical intervention on standby. It is worth noting that both the time and type of deficiency vary according to insurance and some companies apply some exceptions when it comes to an accident or when the patient is a newborn.

Check if after being a customer of the company in a continuous way will allow you to renew the insurance to reach an advanced age (Third Age) since most health insurances do not have this type of user.

Consult the clinics that provide the service as well as the medical directory at regional, national or international level so for example you can know which ones are more accessible for you and your family, and if your cardiologist can take your control through the insurance.

Check if the insurer covers pathologies already diagnosed, you suffer or have suffered, for it the company applies a questionnaire that will serve as a reference to measure the level of risk they can assume, that will determine a possible exclusion of the Coverage for that case in the policy as a majority limit pre-existing illnesses.

It foresees if it is within your interests if the insurer provides its services at international level, as for the time of a trip no one is exempt from a disease or an accident, it must be considered, as some companies are not made Responsible for covering any type of event outside the country where they reside.

Use a health insurance comparison (on the networks) so you can draw your own conclusions by comparing prices and services that will allow you to save money with a maximum of benefits.

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