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Insurance for people with disabilities


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People with disabilities, whether physical or mental, need specialized care, treatments, therapies and others to improve their quality of life, many of these people or their families must resort to private centers to complete therapies and Medical treatments that the specialists indicate. However, on many occasions disabled people and their families do not have sufficient funds to pay for the costs of private medical centers, and that is precisely when the need to acquire insurance that can provide The coverage of the medical expenses of the disabled person. However, many insurance companies put a lot of obstacles at the time of offering insurance to a person with pre-existing illnesses, that is, that when buying the insurance, already suffer a disease, making it difficult to facilitate and improve Their style and quality of life, even some insurers refuse directly to cover any expenses that could generate the health needs of the person.

Fortunately, there are insurance companies that specialize in offering policies designed specifically for people with disabilities, these policies can cover medical treatments, exams, x-rays, therapies, doctor visits, interventions Surgical, magnetic resonance and ultrasound, hospital stay, consultation with specialists, among other coverages that will greatly help the person who presents a disability.

In addition to this, some insurance also offers the possibility to condition the housing of the disabled so that it can be comfortably in your home, also offer specialized staff as nurses and caregivers who can help you at home to Continue with your therapies, treatments and be monitored in case of any mishap.
It is very important that insurers take into account disabled people, because they are the ones who need health insurance most, as their needs are higher than the average.

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