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What is a property insurance content?


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When you go to buy real estate insurance in any insurance company, you should know that your home has two different valuations, the valuation of the continent and the content. On this occasion we want to explain to you what is the content in a real estate insurance for what you have very clear what this is about. To be precise, a content in a real estate insurance is nothing more and nothing less than each of the objects in the furniture that are inside the house or property, ie, electronic devices such as computers, televisions and appliances such as kitchens, Washing machines and others are part of the content in a real estate insurance, unlike the continent, which is the only structure of the house or property, such as walls and floors.

For this reason, if you live in a house that is not your property and pay a rent, you can only obtain a coverage by the insurance of the contents of the house, as long as the objects and other furniture is of your property or of the others that resides N in the home with you, otherwise the insurance will not cover objects that do not comply with these conditions.

In addition, precious stones and high-value objects, such as diamonds and/or gold ingots, will also not be covered by the insurance, on the other hand, unless there is a specific clause within the insurance policy, some luxurious and large items may be covered Value.

Musical instruments, works of art, antique articles, banknotes, coins, cheques and credit cards are also part of the housing content, as well as clothing and other clothing within the property. It should be remembered that a tenant can only secure the content of the home he lives in by paying a rent and not the mainland.

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